Be creative

 The WorkTalent platform gives you many options, and your creativity in building your profile and listings will give you a competitive edge over other companies in finding your ideal candidates. We draw your attention to the basics:


  •  Think about how to make your employer branding profile impressive and interesting for every potential candidate who will come across it? How can it not contain mostly boring information about the company? What photos and videos would inspire your audience to dream of working at your company? What text and messages would motivate candidates to tell friends about you?


  •  Think carefully about how to make your adverts attractive and create interest and food for thought? What would make a candidate want to be part of your corporate family? How to make the advert an invitation for a nice getting to know you conversation? How can the advert answer questions in advance that a potential candidate would ask you? How to create an expectation in the audience that you are a serious company looking for professionals and like-minded people? How do you get the attention of candidates from competing companies?


  •  Consider what additional questions to ask candidates as a supplement to our pre-interview? Should they be strictly professional, or should there be other questions to understand the candidate's values and outlook? Are you sure you wouldn't also like to find out more about the candidate before deciding whether to invite them for an interview?


  •  Think about it, aren't these the days when you see a video presentation of a candidate, not just a picture of them? What topic would you ask the candidate in the ad to guide them in recording their video selfie presentation? Do you agree that the topic should be tailored to the profession and position applied for? If you require a well-spoken language, isn't it a good idea to recommend that candidates introduce themselves by speaking directly to them to check their level of proficiency in advance?


WorkTalent challenges you to search for your answer to all the questions raised above and find yours faster and easier!