Frequently asked questions by candidates

- Yes, your participation in WorkTalent is completely free!

- You can add as many languages as you want.

- A) A CV and answers to the questions in the Basic Information section of your profile are required to apply for any job advertised on WorkTalent.

B) The company posting the ad has the option to recommend candidates for additional answers in our pre-interview and additional questions asked by the company, as well as record a video presentation. All of the above are optional, but you can prepare and send them on your own if you just want to improve your performance and attract companies' attention.

C) The company will give priority consideration to applications with a pre-interview, answers to additional questions, and a video presentation (or at least one of the options listed).

- Yes, you can edit them at any time and they should be tailored to the company you are applying to.

- Filling out all questions is only mandatory if you are willing to apply to our pre-interview and answer the company's additional questions.

- Size should not exceed 4 GB!

- You can upload as many video presentations as you want, but you can only have one current one in your profile. Each newly uploaded video presentation deletes the previous one. Regardless, your attached video in an already submitted application will be opened and reviewed by the company as originally submitted.

You can speak on any topic you choose. The company has the opportunity to recommend a TOPIC and scripts that you can use to improve your presentation and get her attention if you choose.

We have no requirements to be professional. It can be recorded as a video selfie on your own mobile device.

The company will receive your application with all the attached documents you have chosen to send.

No, when your application happens directly on its platform, it doesn't receive data from your WorkTalent profile.

It means that you can apply to the offer regardless of whether you have registered on the WorkTalent platform, just by filling in name, phone number, e-mail and a short introduction (if you choose). Your application with this option does not exclude the possibility to later attach and send to the company all your available documents on the platform, once you log in and apply again for the same offer.

Any company that likes your application can invite you for an interview at the feedback details you have provided.                     

We will store your personal data properly and in accordance with all rules and will only provide it to the registered and approved companies whose adverts you have applied for on the WorkTalent platform. If you decide to delete your account, the terms and conditions described in the "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Policy" that you agree to in the account registration process apply.