Frequently asked questions

- Yes, the platform requires companies to register.

- After registering on the WorkTalent platform, you can purchase the various pre-paid packages we offer with CREDITS, paying by bank transfer in Bulgarian leva. Credits are the main means of payment on the platform through which you can use our paid services.

- No, there is no time limit on their use unless there is an explicit condition from WorkTalent when you purchase a specific package.

-              Candidates may only apply with a CV and Basic Information for each job posting, whether or not you have recommended the pre-interview application, additional questions you have asked and a video presentation. After applying, you will receive an email with a new application message. In the application for your ad, you will find the documents requested by the candidate. With the application you will receive a pre-populated pre-interview, answers to your additional questions and a recorded video presentation, only if the candidate has attached them of their own volition. You will be able to download the CV in WORD/PDF depending on the format the candidate has attached. The pre-interview can be downloaded in PDF and the video presentation and basic candidate information will only be viewable within the WorkTalent platform.

- No, this is an additional opportunity for you to get more complete information about the candidate. When posting the ad (Premium and Premium Pro types) you have the option to recommend candidates answer all 16 questions in our pre-interview, any additional questions you suggest and record a video presentation. It is up to each candidate to decide whether to apply any of the following to their application, and they are not a prerequisite for application. Applicants are advised that you will give priority consideration to applications with any of the above three (3) options attached.

- Yes, when building the job/internship offer, the company can provide an external link for candidates to frame their application. This action is only possible for two of the paid ad types offered by the platform (Premium and Premium Pro).

- The candidate will also be able to introduce themselves to you without registering on the platform, all they need to do is click on the "Quick Apply" button and fill out name, phone number and e-mail for feedback and a short text introduction. The quick application does not exclude the possibility to collect applications with registration. A candidate who has submitted a "Quick Apply" to you may duplicate their application and at a later stage also attach a CV, the answers to our pre-interview questions and a video presentation.

- If you have developed a process for the Refer a Friend bonus on your career site, you can link to it in your listing description.

- In the process of your company registration on the platform, you accept our "Terms and Conditions", "Privacy Policy", "Cookie Policy", where it is described in detail.