How do we find our ideal candidates?

WorkTalent helps you find your ideal candidates faster. For this purpose, take advantage of the additional features of the platform to facilitate the selection process and shorten the time to find them:

  • Carefully consider the employer branding opportunities offered by the platform to create a positive pre-set and awareness level in candidates and get their attention.
    Take a detailed look at the options offered by the paid ad types. With their help, you will be able to recommend candidates to complete a pre-interview and record a video presentation. The candidate will have no obligation to present themselves to you with the tools you have recommended to complement their CV, but will be aware that you will give priority consideration to applications that have a pre-interview or video business card attached.
  • Thanks to some of the paid ad types, you will also have the opportunity to ask additional questions of the candidate to find out more information you need to decide whether to invite him/her for an interview. Completing these will be recommended, not mandatory for the candidate.
  • For each ad, you will be able to receive and collect applications with the "Quick Apply" option.
  • For each ad, you will be able to receive and collect applications with the "Apply wit LinkedIn profile" option.

Applicants are free to choose and apply using their preferred method.In your admin panel you will find three sections on these listings - Detailed, Quick and LinkedIn applications. 

The WorkTalent team wishes you success!