How can I apply through the WorkTalent platform?

The WorkTalent platform gives you several application options:

1.       Apply by registering on the platform:

- Sign up with email, name and a password, or choose a quick sign up with your Google or Facebook profile

- Answers to 6 short compulsory questions

- Attach at least one current CV (you can add more than one)

           If you've completed the process above, you can now apply!

           What additional features the platform offers:

- At your discretion, you can improve your performance and your chances of being invited for an interview by answering the 16 questions in our job/internship pre-interview in detail. You can edit your answers as needed at any time.

- At your discretion, you can record a video presentation by your phone (or another approach of your choice) and upload it to your profile. You can speak in the video presentation on a topic of your choice or customize it to each listing.

- At your discretion, you can also add a link to your Linkedin profile

- When previewing the application steps, you can choose what to attach from the information in your profile - your CV, your pre-interview and/or your video presentation and/or link to your Linkedin profile.


What additional information can you recommend for the company to consider your application:

- Each company has the option to recommend that you attach your answers to our pre-interview and/or video presentation, add additional questions and set a topic in the ad to record your video presentation. Each of the above actions is optional, you can always apply with just your CV and basic information, but keep in mind that the company will give priority consideration to applications with a pre-interview (option for additional questions) and recorded video presentation attached.


2.      Application without registration in the platform is possible in the following cases::

- You can apply for each ad, choosing the "Quick apply" method. For this purpose, you only need to leave two names and feedback data, through which the company can contact you. Optionally, you can introduce yourself and attract the attention of the company with the 1000 characters provided by us, in which you can add text + links (which you consider important and add value to your candidature) at your discretion. By choosing the "Quick apply" option, you do not lose the opportunity to introduce yourself in detail. In such a situation, the company will receive two of your applications, according to the two methods applied by you.

- You can apply for each ad by choosing the "Apply with Linkedin profile" method. For this purpose, you need to leave a link to your Linkedin profile, two names and contact details, through which the company can contact you.


The WorkTalent team wishes you success!