Your employer branding profile

Leading employer branding benefits of your WorkTalent profile:

  • the platform offers 4 (four) different employer branding modules;
  • you can unlock and activate all modules together or separately ("About the company", "Company news", "Our team", "Company activities");
  • you can unlock them for different periods of 1, 3, 6, 12 months;
  • The "Company news" module remains permanently unlocked after it is activated by at least one PR article, after which you can add an unlimited number;
  • you can customize and replace the information in the sections in "About the Company" and "Company Activities" according to your goals. The following are examples and apply to;
  • you can add from 1 to 10 areas of activity in the "Company Activities" module;
  • in the "Our Team" module you can submit up to 10 employees from your company with a photo and brief information (CV or "The comfort of working in the company or in the department "X"). The module can also start with a general employer branding video featuring successful employees and the company as a good place to work, then add 9 more employees;
  • each sections in the modules can load to the right of them one of the three you submitted (text only; branded photo with text; video with text). The video can also be submitted as a video file or as a YouTube link ;
  • when the period of any of the modules is over, the information with is archived and displayed again the next time it is unlocked. When you unlock a module with info already available, you are allowed to continue with it in the next scheduled period, but also with the option to completely or partially change the content in them;
  • when you click on the "Unlock Module" button, you can see how many credits it will cost you to activate each period in the modules, as well as find different package offers for publishing PR articles in the "Company news" module;
  • each article from the "Company news" module or a link to your overall profile can be further promoted in the content of the homepage of, and when clicked to open the specified info in your WorkTalent profile;
  • when you unlock a module, our administrator will receive a message with your activation request and you will receive feedback from him with instructions on what to do next. Setting up your account is done by submitting information to our administrator in order to activate the selected module faster;
  • Your employer branding profile on WorkTalent will help you to attract more potential candidates to your company;
  • If you wish, team can assist you with scripts, video shooting, video editing, with which you can fully present your company;