Get to know the terms and conditions of the video presentation!

1. What is the video presentation itself?

The video presentation can be recorded either by a professional videographer or as a video selfie taken on your own mobile phone or other device.

2. How many videos can we upload to our profile?

You can record and change your video presentation at any time, according to your needs and the company you are applying for. After recording a new video, the old one is automatically deleted, so you will be able to have one active video presentation. If you delete an existing video presentation and record a new one, the old one will be visible in the profile of the company you have already applied to. Keep your videos in case you wish to use them again.

3. What does applying a video presentation to our application help us with?

A video presentation increases your chances of being invited to a job or internship interview. Visual contact gives companies an additional opportunity to find out who they are inviting to an interview.

4. Is it mandatory to attach a video presentation for each application?

A video presentation is not a prerequisite for application. Each of you can apply it at your own will to improve your performance and chances of being invited for an interview. The company will give priority consideration to applications with a video presentation attached to the application, and may recommend a topic on which to present yourself.

5. How do I prepare the most effective video presentation?

To start with, get to know in detail the requirements of the company for which you wish to apply. Then get to know the company itself and find out more about its corporate culture and values. Think carefully about what would grab the interview team's attention and record a video to impress them in advance. If there is no specific recommendation from the company to present on a certain topic, you can make your own script and speak on whatever topic you decide. You always have the option to change the content of your video to the company you are applying for.

The team of WorkTalent wishes you success!