Get to know the questions in our pre-interview

1.            What is our pre-interview?

It includes 16 questions, developed with the help and approval of the Human Resources departments of established Bulgarian and international companies. Their answers are free text and help the company find out more about you in advance before deciding to invite you for an interview. Our questions are different for job applicants and those for internships.

2.            How many interviews can we upload to our profile?

You can record and change your answers at any time, according to your needs and the company you are applying for. After saving the new answers, the old ones are automatically deleted, so you will have one active pre-interview.

3.            What does applying the pre-interview to our application help us with?

The attached answers increase your chances of being invited to a job or internship interview.

4.            Is it compulsory to apply the interview for each application?

A preliminary interview is not a prerequisite for application. Each of you can apply it at your own will to improve your performance and your chances of being invited for a second interview by a representative of the company's Human Resources Department. The company will give priority consideration to applications with a pre-interview attached.

5.            How do I prepare the most effective answers in the preliminary interview?

To start with, get to know in detail the requirements of the company for which you wish to apply. Then get to know the company itself and find out more about its corporate culture and values. Think carefully about what would grab the attention of the interview team and write down your answers to impress them in advance. You always have the opportunity to change the content of your answers in the pre-interview, according to the company you are applying for.


The WorkTalent team wishes you success!