Обява Премиум

Payments specialist

Job Responsibilities:

-Handle all money-in and money-out flows;

-Guarantee the most economical and fastest settlement of clients’ funds;

-Collaborate with client-facing teams to ensure they can provide the right responses to clients;

-Ensure funds availability on corporate accounts for processing the expected transaction volume;

-Undertake any payments-related duties, as required, such as actioning and monitoring of reports, verification and reporting of customer payments data, suspension of customer accounts, bank reconciliation and PSP reconciliation;

-Assist in identifying areas for development of the service in line with the strategy;

-Handle incoming and outgoing files, control them and process them into our system making sure all balances match and you have reconciled all data and investigated all the differences;

-Assist with the implementation of new payment and monitoring processes required to support developments in new service initiatives or geographical expansions;

-Actively seek and develop new payment-systems and banking relationships.

Job Requirements:

-Bachelor's degree in Finance/Administration/Accounting or other relevant discipline;

-You have at least 1 year of experience and proven track record of covering wide scope of payments-related tasks;

-You have a strong eye for detail and are enthusiastic to follow payment and compliance procedures rigorously;

-You have a good understanding of payment processes, money movements and reconciliation;

-You have experience working in a secure payment environment;

-You have understanding of bank and payment protocols (cut-off times, balancing…) and how to apply them on an operational level;

-You have background with operating payment interfaces, processing bank statements and the required ‘maker-checker’-principles in executing payments;

-You have experience in a Payment Processor, Alternative Payment Provider, Remittance, PSP, Acquirer, Issuer, Gaming / Gambling, Forex, e-Commerce;

-Your verbal and written command of English is excellent;

-You have proficiency in Excel.