Обява Премиум

Access Analyst

Job Responsibilities:

-Provide clear and concise reports to upper management on the status of the access management by the Systems Access Team within the organization; -Understand and articulate the Systems Access Team’s strategy; -Understand the various access management tools and technologies available and recommend solutions that will meet the company’s needs; -Troubleshoot access management issues and develop creative solutions to solve problems; -Understand security concepts and how they apply to IAM; -Research and stay up-to-date on IAM trends and best practices; -Work effectively with other teams to ensure that the identity and access management solutions are integrated seamlessly; -Work closely with the IAM Security and IT Supports teams to ensure that the right people have access to the right resources.

Job Requirements:

-Experience with identity and access management tools (is a plus); -Strong analytical and problem-solving skills; -Familiarity with networking concepts; -Experience with programming languages (is a plus); -Strong knowledge of the company structure and responsibilities; -Willingness to learn new technologies and keep up with industry trends; -Detail-oriented and able to work independently; -Strong written and verbal communication skills, as well as excellent decision making skills, effective problem solving skills, skills to work independently and in a team; -Flexible and able to adapt to changing needs; -Team player with a positive attitude.