Обява Премиум

CRM Administrator

Job Responsibilities:

-Implementing and managing a CRM system within the organization; -Performing analytic studies of existing CRM Systems and reporting on their ability to meet company needs; -Backing up and upgrading existing CRM Systems; -Monitor system parameters and relevant interfaces (continuous health check); -Investigating, diagnosing, and resolving faults and errors in CRM Systems; -Follow the product developments, share information about new features and processes of relevant CRM -Systems to key users (explain/educate new processes); -Reporting and creating documentation for CRM Systems; -Working with vendors to ensure organizational needs for software are met; -Assure seamless operations in accordance with the defined service levels, by taking over full responsibility for all service processes (incident & problem management as well as access management) including business continuity.

Job Requirements:

-A minimum of 1 year of experience with backing up and upgrading existing applications is a plus; -The Analyst must have a reasonable understanding of the Company’s business, and its technical, financial, and organizational structure; -The Analyst must be able to communicate effectively with people at all levels both inside and outside the Company, and should have strong written and verbal communication skills. In addition, the Analyst must stand out with excellent decision-making skills, effective problem-solving skills, as well as skills to work independently and in the team; -Integrity, initiative, perseverance, discretion, ability to respect the personal dignity and rights of each employee, interest in fintech and services, and motivation to occupy the position.