Обява Премиум

QA Analyst (CS)

Job Responsibilities:

-Acts with integrity, honesty and knowledge that promote the culture, values and mission of the Company. -Meets the targets set by the Company, as published in its internal documentation. -Monitors product changes, internal processes and updates constantly, reflecting them in their day to day responsibilities; -Create and execute all quality-related initiatives including, but not limited to monitoring, analysis, reporting, setting up standards and metrics; -Collaborate with the Management to improve quality and customer satisfaction results; -Deliver engaging feedback to individuals and organize coaching sessions; -Analyze QA scores and other quality assurance related tasks -Address clients' feedback and follow-up as needed; -Prepare regular reports and dashboards. -Works with the Management to develop effective processes and increase efficiency and productivity; -Participates in ad-hoc projects as directed by the Management; -Duties assigned to them by their superior or company managers in accordance to the position.

Job Requirements:

-Similar experience within a Customer Support Department/QA Team is an advantage; -The Analyst should preferably have basic knowledge of the applicable legislation in the field of financial technologies/services. -The Analyst must have a reasonable understanding of the Company’s business, its technical, financial and organizational structure. -The Analyst must be able to communicate effectively with people at all levels both inside and outside the Company and should have strong written and verbal communication skills. In addition, they must stand out with excellent decision-making skills, effective problem solving skills, as well as skills to work independently and in team. -Interest in fintech and services and motivation to occupy the position.