Types of ads in "WorkTalent"

1.       How many types of ads can we publish on the platform?

You can take advantage of publishing 4 (four) types of ads on our platform, which carry different positioning and opportunities (after registration you will find out exactly what they are):

- Free

- Classic

- Premium

- Premium Pro


2.       Is there a limit to the number of free ads we are allowed to use?

Once your account is approved, your account will be loaded with the ability to post 10 free ads within one (1) calendar year from the date of registration. On the same date of the following calendar year, 10 new free listings will be loaded into your account (unused listings will not carry over into the new one-year period). These ten free listings are the total number of usable listings in the "Job Listings" section and the "Internship Listings" section.

3.       What additional options do paid ad types give us?

Paid ad types give you different options:

- possibility to position your ad in the relevant category;

- Opportunity to recommend candidates for a pre-interview and/or video presentation;

- an opportunity to ask additional questions before the interview itself;

- an opportunity inside the advertisement to indicate and recommend a THEME on which you would like a candidate to be presented in the presentation;

- possibility to use an external link with an application platform;

4.       What is the validity period of an job/internship?

       The validity period of a job offer is 30 (thirty) days from the date of its publication on the platform, and of an internship offer is 90 (ninety) days.


5.       Can we edit our ad at any time while the posting period is running?

       You can edit the listing at any time, but without the title and type of listing. Each edit sends your advert for re-approval by a platform administrator.

The WorkTalent team wishes you success!